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tape recorder A recording of this work is available for download.
Instrumente, Gesang, Aufnahme: Sloyment

\version "2.8.7"
    \chords { 
      a1:m s s s    g c g c   a:m s s s   g1 c2:sus4 c g1 c2:sus4 c
      f1 s c s   a:m s s s
      \clef bass \key c \major \time 4/4 \tempo 4=163 %% 163.2
      c4 r c r   e8. r16 e8. r16 e4 r   e8 r e4 g8 e g e   c r b a4. r4
      d4 c b r   g'2 e4 r   d c b r    g'2 e4 r    \tempo 4=154 %% 153.6
      e8 r e r e4 r8 g   r e16 r e r e4 r4.   r8 e r e g e4 r8   e d r e c4 r
      d4. b4 r4.   f'4. e4 r4.   d4. b4 r4.   f'4. e4 r4.
      c8 d b a4.. b16 c8   a2 c4 f   e2. e8 f   e4 d8 c4 r4.     \tempo 4=158 %% 158.4
      c8. r b8. \tempo4=144
      r8. c8 r   a2. e4   \tempo 4=134 %% 134.4
      c'8. r b8. \tempo 4=130 %% 129.6
      r8. \tempo 4=125 %% 124.8
      c8 r   a2. r4 \bar "|."
      %% Grunz, grunz, grunz -- grunz -- grunz! Grunz, grunz, Gruuuuuunz! Grunz, grunz, grunz.


Grunz, grunz, grunz...

Composition and lyrics: Sloyment Cc-zero.svg This work has been released into the Public Domain using the CC0 protocol.