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* Song book – (The main part has no prefix.)
* Song book – (The main part has no prefix.)
* Colaboration area – “Colaboration:”? “Fragment:”?
* Colaboration area – “Song bits”
* License area – “License:”
* License area – “License:”
* Explainations – “About:”? “Info:”?
* Explainations – “About:”? “Info:”?
* Web resources mindmap – “Resources”? “Mindmap:”? “Radar:”?
* Web resources mindmap – “Resources”? “Mindmap:”? “Radar:”?
* Meta discussion – “FreeMusicWiki:” (cannot be changed anymore)
* Meta discussion – “Project:”
===License for non-songs===
===License for non-songs===

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Purpose of this wiki

This wiki is supposed to become a platform for free music (see definition).

There are already several websites where free music can be found, but they often include semi-free and non-free music as well. Other sites only feature free music, but are specific to one particular band or type of music, e.g. historic sheet music.

Wiki layout

The following are just ideas. Nothing is chisseled in stone. If you think it should be done completely different, please speak up.

Song book

The main space of the wiki is supposed to become a song book. The pages will be about individual songs and include the lyrics, the notes (if applicable), licensing and authorship information and links to free audio recordings and videos (including licensing information).

Colaboration area

This part will include song fragments, lyrics without a melody etc. These pages will be in the same format as in the main space so that they can be moved once the songs are finished.

License area

In this part, the text of free licenses will be collected. This includes some Creative Commons licenses (the fcw-approved ones) as well as historic licenses such as the EFF OAL and the green OML.

Web resources

This space is supposed to be a mind map on free music activities on the world wide web to get an overview about e.g. Which websites deal with free music? Which of the songs and albums at Jamendo are actually free music? How many of them are there. Where can I find free samples etc.

Not an encyclopedia

It is not the main purpose of this wiki to explain things. The right place for encyclopedia articles is Wikipedia, not this wiki. Nevertheless there can be a small space to explain terms that are used in this wiki (such as “upstream author” or “free cultural works”). There may also be infos about composers, authors, artists, bands, albums, projects, websites etc.

Postponed ideas

The resources of this server are quite limited. It will be possible to add some pictures etc. (as long as they are freely licensed), but for the near future, this <freemusicwiki.org> cannot become a hosting platform for free music recordings or even larger uploads such as stems.

Open questions / ToDo


What will be appropriate namespaces for the different activities?

  • Song book – (The main part has no prefix.)
  • Colaboration area – “Song bits”
  • License area – “License:”
  • Explainations – “About:”? “Info:”?
  • Web resources mindmap – “Resources”? “Mindmap:”? “Radar:”?
  • Meta discussion – “Project:”

License for non-songs

The articles in the explaination space and the meta discussion pages should be under a free license as well. (CC-BY-SA 3.0 and later?)


For now, the language of the wiki is English. The songs however will be presented in their respective language, of course.

If anyone has an idea how to support diffent languages, please speak up…

Spam protection


Previous version

There has been a previous attemt to create a free music wiki (see [1]), which was in German initially, then changed to multilingual support which broke at some point.

The old wiki was shut down in 2015 due to massive spam and the lack of contributors.