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=== Browse by completion status ===
=== Browse by completion status ===
♪ [[Special:AllPages|Complete songs]] ♪ [http://freemusicwiki.org/w/index.php/Special:AllPages?namespace=502 Song bits] ♪
♪ [[Special:AllPages|Complete songs]]  
♪ [http://freemusicwiki.org/w/index.php/Special:AllPages?namespace=502 Song bits]  
♪ [[:category:with recording|with recording]]
♪ [[:category:with music video|with music video]]
=== Browse by license ===
=== Browse by license ===

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This wiki is dedicated to Free Cultural Works as defined by Freedomdefined.org.
It is supposed to become a song book for free music, and also to provide a space for collaborative songwriting.

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