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Kameltreffen 2015

\version "2.8.7"
      f2.. e:m d:m f   d:m b:m e:m c4. a2:m
      \key a \minor \time 7/8  \tempo 4=90  
      c'16 f'' c' f'' e''8 c'' a'4 f'8
      c''16 des'' d'' es'' e''2 b'8
      b'16 g'8. e'4. g'16 g' b'8
      f'4. c'8 c''4 f''8
      f'8 g' a'16 f'' d'' d'8 e'16 f'4
      fis''8. d''4 g'8. d''4
      b'4. e'8. g' e''8
      g'8 b' c'' a'2


1. Takt: Anna Waffel
2. Takt: J*
3. Takt: Igor
4. Takt: 8-D
5. Takt: WiMu
6. Takt: Seppiverseckelt
7. Takt: Anna Waffel und 8-D
8. Takt: Sloyment
Cc.logo.circle.svg Cc-zero.svg This work has been released into the Public Domain using the CC0 protocol.